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Italian Classes in Alghero - Sardinia
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LOCATION. Our friendly school is situated in the heart of Alghero, a picturesque, historic seaside resort in the north-west of Sardinia. Its agreeable climate, well-preserved historic old town, white sandy beaches and excellent entertainment facilities make it extremely popular amongst both the local people and tourists alike.

HISTORY. In 1353 Alghero became a Catalan colony after its conquest by Peter IV of Aragon. Its inhabitants retain a form of Catalan pride and speak a variant of the Catalan language of Barcelona. For this reason, Alghero is also quite nostalgically named Barcelloneta, meaning "little Barcelona". With regard to its name, there are several theories: Alghero probably derives from Algeciras, meaning "a sheltered gulf with a small island in the centre". According to others, it means "a place full of marine algae".

THINGS TO DO AND SEE. Alghero offers several architectonic and historic itineraries together with its breathtaking views. Tourists can enjoy Alghero walking along its charming cobblestone lanes, discovering something new every time. In spite of the theory regarding the origins of its name, Alghero also certainly offers some of the most transparent, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches in Sardinia as well as plenty of evening entertainment.