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Italian Classes in Alghero - Sardinia
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About "Stroll and Speak"
Our name itself expresses our focus on a communicative approach towards learning Italian. Our aim is to develop your spoken Italian as well as your understanding of our language in an informal context and environment whilst enjoying a holiday. "Stroll and Speak" was founded for tourists spending a short stay in the picturesque area of Alghero, who would also like to take the opportunity to maximise their time here linguistically and culturally, meeting local people and using Italian in an authentic context.
"Stroll&Speak" is the easy way to learn Italian. We also recommend it to those only spending a short stay of five to seven days in Alghero. Whilst learning Italian, we also try to enter into the spirit of "little Barcelona" and pick up what the elderly and genuine Algheresi say in their own language, too through accompanied tours and outings.

Course Options
Our team offers language courses and conversation classes of standard, informal Italian to people ranging from beginner level up to intermediate. On arrival, you will be asked to fill in a self-evaluation form and be placed in a group accordingly.
If you already speak Italian, we can help you in dealing with specific fields (medical, law, technical).

One-to-One Courses Tailored for people who wish to learn Italian intensively because they are only staying in Alghero for a short time. Up to 15 hours of classes in 5 days based on one's personal needs and requirements

Group Courses
20 to 25 hrs (intensive) - What we do:
conversation, role plays, grammar, listening
build up confidence, break down barriers to make speaking easy
Tailor made programmes You will learn Italian for travelling, socializing in everyday situations. Our programmes are designed to meet your needs
Italian for Work Italian for specific purposes: medicine, law, technical
Walking Conversation Enjoy our itinerant Italian taking a stroll round the town of Alghero on our shopping- or photo-tour

Each group has a maximum number of five students, ensuring high levels of personal attention, both in walking and standard classes.
The groups are made according to the language level or to one's personal requests (friends, family, age)

All teachers are experienced mother-tongue teachers of Italian to foreigners. They are extremely dedicated and committed to making your stay with us both rewarding and enjoyable in an intimate, personal and professional environment.